Katonah-Lewisboro Parents Not Surprised By Kreutzer's Departure

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Paul Kreutzer resigned from his post at superintendent of schools at Katonah-Lewisboro.
Paul Kreutzer resigned from his post at superintendent of schools at Katonah-Lewisboro. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly
Michael Jumper will serve as acting superintendent.
Michael Jumper will serve as acting superintendent. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

CROSS RIVER, N.Y. – News of Superintendent Paul Kreutzer’s Tuesday resignation came as no shock to several Katonah-Lewisboro parents.

Nat Mundy, owner of Caps Country Market on Spring Street, said he thought Kreutzer would finish out the year, but didn’t expect him to stay long term.

“I always sort of felt like he was brought in to serve a purpose: find budget cuts, find ways to save the system money,” he said. “He did his job and he probably has another job offer somewhere else.”

Kreutzer's departure comes less than a week after the board voted 5-2 to close the Lewisboro Elementary School in the fall, which is expected to save about $1.7 million annually. The 300-plus Lewisboro Elementary students will move to Increase Miller and Meadow Pond elementary schools, including Mundy’s fourth grade son, Hunter.

“He’ll change schools. Some friendships will be more distant than they were before. The hard part is he’s only been there three years and was just settling in,” Mundy said. “He was finding his clique of buddies and comfortable socially, and now that all changes.”

The Katonah-Lewisboro School Board announced the resignation at a special meeting Tuesday night. Kreutzer, 42, will receive a $90,000 buyout of the existing portion of his five-year contract in order to avoid litigation, the school district said in a message on its website.

Assistant Superintendent for Business Michael Jumper will serve as acting superintendent, as he did prior to Kreutzer's hiring in 2011.

In his previous post as school superintendent in New Berlin, Wisc., Kreutzer  endorsed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s bid to limit collective bargaining rights for teachers. Consequently, the Katonah-Lewisboro District Teachers Association did not receive him well when he was hired.

“The KLDTA will not be commenting on the resignation of Dr. Kreutzer,” Sandy Grebinar, president of the KLDTA said. “The KLDTA looks forward to working with the board and Acting Superintendent Jumper in our shared commitment to provide our students with an excellent education.”

Lewisboro Elementary parent Larry Martin said the school board should reconsider closing the school given Kreutzer's resignation.

“As a parent I am greatly concerned about how this [Board of Education] will execute a closure transition plan in a short time frame, under the pressure of Common Core implementation and carry out a superintendent search simultaneously," he said.

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It's amazing - we pay the highest property taxes IN THE COUNTRY and our local government still can't make ends meet! Our roads are a disgrace, our infrastructure is from the 1950's, we have to pay extra for garbage collection, each household is responsible for maintaining its own water & sewage system and every time there's a stiff breeze the electricity goes out. "Well at least", we could say to ourselves, "we have awesome schools." And while that's true, it's becoming less true every day. Latin was discontinued for the middle school, academic "teams" were discontinued and now an elementary school is being closed. It really raises the question, WTF ARE WE PAYING ALL THESE PROPERTY TAXES FOR???

Goal Private schools 4 years , sell property and run to nearest freedom loving state I will not look back

AMEN, Rob! It seems going to a $90,000 severance package for incompetent and arrogant bullies who pass themselves off as administrators! Disgraceful!

grow up and go hug a tree.

Kreutzer was a hypocrite. His public words would be one thing, and his actions would be another. He was a horrible and cowardly individual who encouraged the same of his administration. Please, let the door hit you on the way out and may this, and your experience in Wisconsin teach you that you're better off in Corporate America, and to stay the hell away from anything having to do with education and children.

Rica, do you know Paul personally? Strong words on your part. Hypocrite, horrible, cowardly? Nice.

He's better off in corporate America? Why? Because he may have different ideas on how to run a school district? Or... is it because he might be on a different side of the political aisle from you? Hmmm... he's also a bully. Popular word these days. Everyone's a bully. Everyone else is a victim.
The teachers who tried to ambush him at that school board meeting 18 months ago should be ashamed of themselves. Those are the bullies. They showed just how "open-minded" they were. Salaries and benefits are too high and it's destroying any chance at sustainability. Insolvency is coming, but if you ask them to contribute more or take a paycut (like many of us have had)... you're the devil!

Blame the Teacher's Union, NY State and Westchester County for the mess we're in. No one wants to move here anymore because we live in a fiscal cesspool. This is not up for debate. Enrollment is down and we live in the most taxed corner of the country. Kreutzer should get a medal for even taking this thankless job.

I went to John Jay and I can tell you that it's not what it was --and that has NOTHING to do with Paul Kreutzer.

p.s. People like Doug Both, Maureen Brown and Andy Dowling are the ones who bring shame to K-L schools... http://www.ag.ny.gov/press-release/principal-and-school-district-official-plead-guilty-defrauding-lewisboro-katonah

Sad that our community is more concerned about politics , realigning school districts and vendettas and not concerned about the long lasting educational consequences of common core and how it will affect our children. Our kids are not guinea pigs or some scientific experiment pushed on us by unelected bureaucratic bullies. Let our teachers do what they do best and TEACH !! Back to the BASICS.