Westchester Residents To Protest Keystone Pipeline

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Westchester residents are heading down to Washington, D.C. on Sunday to protest the Keystone Pipeline.
Westchester residents are heading down to Washington, D.C. on Sunday to protest the Keystone Pipeline. Photo Credit: www.wikipedia.org

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Westchester County residents are headed to Washington, D.C., Sunday to protest the building of the Keystone Pipeline.

The Keystone Pipeline would deliver oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The project has seen opposition since it was proposed in 2010. President Barack Obama vetoed the legislation to build the pipeline last year but a new proposal has been submitted.

Organizer Lisa Moir of the Sierra Club said that she has been involved in local environmental politics for the past two decades. When Superstorm Sandy hit the area, Moir said, she couldn’t sit back anymore and decided to be vocal on a national level.

“I feel like we have to have our voices heard by the legislators in Washington if we are going to do something about climate change,” Moir said. “They can’t keep approving dirty fossil fuel projects if they say they are committed to climate change. They can’t say they simultaneously want renewable energy when they are just going about business as usual. The Keystone Pipeline is one of the dirtiest oil projects put on the table."

Moir said that she started from scratch by calling local environmental leaders. Moir called the Westchester People’s Action Coalition (WESPAC), which provided two buses to accommodate the 110 people ready to leave from White Plains on Sunday morning.

“People are still calling to see if we are full,” Moir said. “We have a bunch of random people going from all over Westchester, from parents with 10-year-old kids to environmental and religious groups. We’re saying to Obama not to approve this bill. If you look at the details, the manner they get the oil is not environmentally friendly.”

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Comments (16)

Careful - I wrote a comment mocking the entire 'glob warming' premise - it is laughable. The comments on this blog were pulled. No inappropriate language, just an opinion. I guess 'the man' did not agree with my opinion and pulled them off. So much for freedom of speech.

These are the same morons that bring us all of he other "brilliant" "green" ideas- like using our food supply to create ethanol in our gasoline- which in turn has created shortages and price spikes in our food supply, in addition to creating a fuel ( E85) which is far less efficient that regular gasoline. Lets not also forget the MTBE debacle, where MTBE was added to fuel for "green" reasons and it was found that it had a huge increase in presence in groundwater- awesome stuff! these people are just plain dumb.

You have to wonder where the minds of the so called "climate change" people are. If the pipeline is not completed, Canada will sell their oil to China who doesn't care about what the environmentalists say. That oil will be used by them to keep their economy humming while our economy suffers due to high energy costs and imported oil. Sure, it would be great if we could use alternative energy sources, but they are years away from being profitable.

I can not wait to see my next month heating and electric bill.
Let the Peoples Coalition buy there oil and gas from the Arab States.
Every US region needs the oil and gas from this pipeline

Westchester Peoples Action Coalition, interesting concept, much like the Peoples Republic of China. I suppose any two or more people in Westchester County can claim to be the Peoples anything, stick Westchester on the title and we got ourselves an interest group which will make news anytime a member of the group makes noise, Marx and Lennin must be very proud. Whats next, the Peoples Coalition against Public Utility Companies, how dare they make money while soiling the atmosphere. Perhaps the People Coalition against Public Transportation, the buses and trains and plains make to much noise, we should all walk, less noise, less need for fuel and we would be right at home with our brothers and sisters in all the Peoples countries in the world, YEA!!!

Really...so we should just keep buying our oil from Middle East...yes that's a great solution. There are intelligent environmentalist and wackos...on the buses are some wackos. And yes, great point above, I guess the fuel for the protest buses was just fine.

We can all agree that moving to alternate and sustainable energy is a positive and noble goal, but let's be thoughtful as we make conversion. And these new, better and cleaner forms of energy must be economical.

I bet the people on the buses are the same people that are opposed to nuclear energy and fracking - two proven sources of energy that provide much cleaner energy that is affordable and helps us get away from fossil fuels.

First of all, Al Gore and his multi-million personal profits from his
"climate control" project has been disputed by prominent scientists, after
numerous studies on this very topic.
Also, this trip to Washington D.C. by uniformed activists from Westchester County is disturbing hypocritical, to say the least. The Keystone Pipeline will NOT be injurious to the environment as has been suggested. It is GOOD for our country in many ways.
Why don't they protest against Indian Point and the serious threat it poses to us all. ?

Global warming=climate change=WEATHER. It is so embarrassing to say I'm a New Yorker sometimes. The climate change nazis' minds are closed to all reasonable thought. Their cultish devotion to this non-existant cause would be comical if it wasn't hurting the country.

>>environmental and religious groups

The Climate Change Cult *IS* a religious group, of the most medieval kind. Pay for our sins to Mother Gaia through carbon credit indulgences offered up to the High Priesthood, They Who Must Not Be Questioned.

The climate "changes" more as a result of an erupting volcano than anything man has done since the start of the Industrial Revolution -- look it up. But volcanoes can't pay taxes, so we're stuck with stories about Community Organizer ignoramuses like Lisa Moir being duped and manipulated.

The irony is that, carbon molecule per carbon molecule, the environment will be hurt more by Moir's busloads of suburban-guilt-ridden buffoons than it will be helped. Somewhere, a fat politician is cashing an even fatter Sierra Club check and laughing his ass off.

Sadly, the people with common sense are in the minority here in NY, one of the blue-est of blue states. The default setting of the culture here is very left of center. I'm surprised that I'm even allowed to post politically incorrect comments that are critical of the enviro-wackos who are destroying our way of life. In fact they are destroying THEIR way of life too. I guess they have no problem with $4 a gallon heating oil for their homes when the temps go down in the teens and single digits. No mention of the fact that these do-gooders are causing extreme hardship for the poor and elderly that they pretend to care about. Too bad the hypocrites are in charge.

Yes, The Sierra Club knows just how "dirty" this pipeline project will be. They are well-equipped to make this assessment. A good use of their time--and really relevant press here. Lisa and her minions are the types of people that make it painful to live in Westchester and make the experience of filling your car up at the pump equally nauseating. The tens of thousands of jobs this project will create is not mentioned in this story, nor is the fact that we have hundreds of pipelines running through the center of the country already. Perhaps NY State would be a cheaper place to live if we allowed for more energy exploration here. It can be done in an environmentally responsible way, but eco-terrorists prevent all rational debate and balanced approaches. We should be fracking just like PA and many other states are. Will Lisa be protesting the 535 million of TAXPAYER dollars that Barack Obama gave to Solydra that vanished? Now, that would be worth covering.
This story is a waste of everyone's time.

Yes, there is climate change- 4 times a year around here. Notice how these Koolaid drinkers have gone from "global warming" to "climate change" now that the myth has been thoroughly debunked. If anything, scientists have proven that we are now in a cooling period, not a warming period when it comes to climate, and even that's within normal range. This whole global warming thing is a massive hoax by the left, designed to destroy the economic base of this country and ultimately the country itself. People like AlGore are making billions of the misery of those of us who must heat our homes and drive cars and pay the ever escalating cost of fuel. Since our imperial president was put on the throne, the cost of gas has more than doubled, just as he predicted would happen with electricity. This isn't about saving the planet- it's about political power and money. The very people who should be protesting about the destruction of their way of life are instead brainwashed into asking for more govt. interference. Pitiful.

Do the busses run on vegetable oil?

Who knows? There will be a lot of complaining if there's no gas to put into the SUV so they can get to that bus.