Pound Ridge Officials Favor Broadening Permitted Septic Type

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The Pound Ridge Town Board at its Aug. 7, 2014 meeting.
The Pound Ridge Town Board at its Aug. 7, 2014 meeting. Photo Credit: Tom Auchterlonie

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. -- Members of the Pound Ridge Town Board support allowing more than just the conventional septic system, a matter that is governed by Westchester County’s Department of Health.

“It’s outmoded technology,” Supervisor Richard Lyman said, referring to conventional septic.

Discussing newer treatment systems, Lyman explained that treatment takes place before water gets into the ground, which means there is clean water already. It means that a smaller absorption area is needed than with a conventional septic system.

Discussing what the county allows, Lyman did mention advance systems being included with some repairs, but conventional is still what is permitted for new construction.

Councilman Dan Paschkes, who supports allowing what has already been used elsewhere, described the county historically as having been “very conservative,” referring to consideration. Asked about the drawbacks with traditional septic systems, Paschkes noted special requirements. For example, if separate septic fields have to be created for each system, there could be a lack of proper ground area or soil types.

Councilwoman Ali Boak also supports allowing more than just conventional septic.

The Town Board members spoke after a meeting on Thursday, Aug. 7, during which a housing proposal, dubbed Ridge 29, was presented. The proposal, which involves the construction of 44 housing units on a roughly 29-acre site, involves an alternative septic method. Anthony Sblendorio, a principal with the applicant, Ridge 29, LLC, described the method, which would involve man-made wetland usage. Sblendorio also mentioned county Department of Health feedback; going beyond conventional septic was not ruled out by the department.

None of the Town Board members have stated support for Ridge 29 specifically. Their positions are about alternative septic usage in general.

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