Parents' Profane Dispute Mars Pound Ridge Easter Egg Hunt

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The Pound Ridge Police Department is at 177 Westchester Ave.
The Pound Ridge Police Department is at 177 Westchester Ave. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – The Pound Ridge Easter egg hunt contest on Saturday, April 12, took an ugly turn when a few parents had to be separated after exchanging profane and abusive words within shouting distance of the children, Police Chief David Ryan said.

No charges have been filed. However, police are investigating the incident and reviewing video from a camera system installed at Pound Ridge Elementary School  as a safety measure taken after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Connecticut in late 2012.

“The tapes will be thoroughly reviewed once we receive them,” Ryan said. “Once we have completed taking all of the statements, we will review our options with the District Attorney’s Office, and if charges are warranted, we will pursue that at that time.”

The altercation involved several groups of parents but started with two who parents told police used profane language and had to be separated. Parents told police it was overheard by other parents and children.

“It is unfortunate that this behavior occurs at events such at this which are supposed to be all about the children, Ryan said. “I would hope in the future that those individuals involved would be able to respect each other in a more adult fashion and agree to disagree about whatever it is they are disputing about.”

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Comments (5)

Everyone needs to relax. The parents involved are not bullies. 'Bully' is the most overused word on earth now. Good God... enough.

People lose their cool and sometimes do it in places (and ways) that they wished they hadn't. Pretty sure Mshonest doesn't know any of them.

Sorry, but this was not worthy of any press.
Move on.

Compassion? Those parents were kids at some point themselves. Those were the bullies who went around laughing, mistreating and torturing whoever they felt were weak. They became adults and continue to be stupid and ugly and that's why they fight over an Easter egg hunt. Wonderful police are investigating, parents should not be allowed to get away with that type of rediculous behaviour, perfect!

How very sad and disturbing. Perhaps we need to have compassion for these families and help them seek help rather than determine if they need to be punished. What stressors triggered this behavior in these parents at what was to be a joy filled event. Whatis the home life of the young children living with this stress?