Fundraiser Nets $7,000 For Pound Ridge Street Light Project

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From left, Maggie Nader of the Pound Ridge Business Association, and Terry Pike and Susan Grissom of the Pound Ridge Partnership, address the crowd at the streetlight fund-raiser at the Bedford Post Inn. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas
The crowd checks out the silent auction during the fund-raiser for Green Streets at the Bedford Post Inn. Photo Credit: Bob Dumas

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – The Pound Ridge Partnership, in conjunction with the Pound Ridge Business Association, held a fund-raiser Wednesday and collected $7,000 that will help implement a plan for replacing street lights along Westchester Avenue in the Scotts Corners business district.

The fund-raiser at the Bedford Post Inn restaurant was attended by more than 70 people.

“This event was originally for just 42 people, but we have 70 here tonight. You’ve just blown us away,” said Ali Boak, co-founder of the Pound Ridge Partnership, during her address to the gathering.

Boak noted that the effort, known as the “Green Streets Streetlight Project,” is the first major collaboration between the Partnership and the Business Association.

“I don’t think this is something we could get done without working hand in hand,” she said.

Terry Pike, a Partnership member and chair of the Green Streets Committee, said new lighting is necessary for the business district because the old lamps are deteriorating.

“The conduits are really, really old,” she said.  “We’ve been meeting with NYSEG to discuss the problem.”

Pike said her committee has selected Louis Fusco, a local landscape architect to lead the project.  She said the money raised from Wednesday’s event will be put primarily toward consulting fees. The actually cost of the street lights and their installation is still not known.

“Right now we are looking at 13 poles for just [the north side of] Westchester Avenue,” Pike said, noting the project could eventually spread further east. “We are not there yet to estimate the cost.”

The committee has narrowed down the potential designs for the street lights to eight and passed around drawings during the fundraiser to illicit feedback.

“These will be energy-efficient LED lights,” Pike said. “They will also create less light pollution and will be less intrusive to the people who live in the area.”

Besides dinner at the Bedford Post Inn, the fund-raiser also featured a silent auction with prizes donated by local businesses and artists.

While the Partnership and Business Association will continue to raise funds for the project, Pike noted that they’ll also look for creative ways to find money, such as groups, businesses and individuals sponsoring light poles, which would be noted with a small plaque.

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Comments (12)


It's clearly evident that this town will never move forward and prosper like all the surrounding towns around it. The thought is "keep it's character"? Maybe these people should have been born in the 1800s? They must get with the program and let the business association improve this place. We are losing great residents and at the same time not getting any newcomers due to the primitive and gross shopping district. This whole idea of new poles means nothing! How many poles is there to choose from? 3-4-5? Thanks to all the volunteers but they should really focus on improving business there.

Why isn't the town of Pound Ridge paying for this? We do pay taxes to the town, as I recall. The town is ugly. I have lived here for 30 years and love it here very much, but the town shopping district is an eye sore. The buildings that house Scotts Corner Market is horrible and depressing, the Post Office is a red brick monstrosity, The corner " Antique shop" is more like a dump, and the signage on the businesses is not uniform. Look at Magie Mays, bad!!!! I am a designer and would love to have in put in the future of Pound Ridge.

Rob Lowe:

Some Stunning comments here...

Guys Rising?


Hey... in the spirit of recycling, we should have the "antique" store on the corner of Trinity Pass and Westchester Ave. sell the 13 dilapidated lamp posts. They'll blend perfectly in the one area of Scott's Corner that is actually a 'green-free zone.'


I would love to donate but my property taxes just went up AGAIN .


i must agree with Joe here. If they want to clean up the village, start by asking the antique shop to take in the trash. If my husband ever had 10% of that stuff around the house i would divorce him. I imagine there are ordinances about 'stuff' on the sidewalk, etc. If not, there should be. The fist thing you see when coming into town from New Canaan is that corner shop (with old street signs, neon clocks, busted BBQ grills, 8 old ladders, Obama stickers and other junk) which is really an eye-sore. If there is no LAW to clean it up, at least ask nicely. If you claim light pollution, that certainly merits a claim for sight pollution. This village could be SO CUTE AND COZY, but it really is not there. A few really simple things need to be cleaned up at very little $$ - dumpsters, few coats of paint, and make the storefront designs somewhat consistent. If you do get new street lights, please dim them at night on the corner in front of the shop - it is scary.

Benedict D:

yeah - get the corner antique shop to clean it up a little..that would be a welcome start.
Can anyone tell me if there is an ordinace for items in front of the store?? I would imagine i would receive a summons if i had that mess in front of my home, no? Get Grady to clean it up, or Fred will be holding his chest yelling 'this is the big one Lizbeth'..
seriously, if we want the village to look better, there are a few quick fixes - no donors needed.


There is clearly a misunderstanding. Louis Fusco is generously donating his time on this project. The funds raised will go towards the overall project which will begin with a design phase and then, once all the proper approvals are in place, be implemented through multiple phases as funds allow. We are actually all volunteers donating our time to try to make our town more green and aesthetically pleasing in keeping with the rural character of our community.

Members of the Committee for Green Streets


Terri, unless my reading comprehension skills have deteriorated (like those lamp posts)... there is no misunderstanding?

"Pike said her committee has selected Louis Fusco, a local landscape architect to lead the project. She said the money raised from Wednesday’s event will be put primarily toward consulting fees. The actually cost of the street lights and their installation is still not known."

I'm a volunteer in town too. My fee is $0. If Louis is generously donating his time on this project for free... then that's great. No one reading the article would pick that up, however. So, then... I have to ask: where is the $7,000 going? You were just quoted in the article as saying that it would go primarily towards "consulting fees." Who are the consultants?

The other misunderstanding that exists is how one would get an invite to this charity event at Richard's restaurant the other night? I casually asked about a dozen people at basketball this morning if they heard anything about it... nada. We all read the paper, the websites, e-newsletters, see signs around Scott's Corner. Was it invite only?

In the end, I guess we'll all be able to see where each dollar goes since the PR Partnership just received it's charitable status last month.


Where can I apply for the 'lamp post' consultant position? I assume there is a long line of cronies before me, but I am happy to accept wasted donor money for nothing from another dopey 'wanna be a politician' committee. $7k and i will tell you anything you want to know about street lights. This story belongs to be posted below the 4th 'dog complaint' in the police blotter. I really have to run now, the desk lamp in my office is causing me an awful rash and chest cough. Give me a break.

Benedict D:

Nice idea changing the lamp posts - even better idea tagging with a plaque those donated from private persons - very nice. I think it will certainly enhance the down town area.
I struggle with, however, that the first $7,000 of donations are going to pay for a consultant?? really? Did the donors know this money was going to a consultant? After which, we will need another fundraiser to pay for the hardware..$7,000?! Is the consultant a family member?
8 different designs? Sounds like a lot of extra work for a small task..Ever hear this one? 'How many so-and-so's' does it take to change a lightbulb??'
I am sure the intentions are great, and, the outcome will be pretty (with no light pollution - thank god!) - but it seems like a lot of wasted funds for a fairly simple project.


I'm sorry to rain on your parade here, but we need a fundraiser to change street lights? Isn't this just a typical expense that is earmarked somewhere in the town budget under maintenance --like every other town? I know Ali wants to pad the ol' resume for that supervisor run, but c'mon. What's next, decorative fire hydrants?

Eight different designs for a lamp post? (and that's narrowed down!)
And then... as you read down... the $7,000 isn't even going towards the hardware. It's going to Louis to "consult" on what we should do about 13 lights. I'll get a gaggle of creative PR residents together and we'll have it figured out in 30 minutes. Throw us a couple bottles of Barolo to sip while we do it --and we're even. You keep $6,900.

I do like the idea of putting a plaque at each pole if sponsors (and not the taxpayers) want to pay for it.

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