Committee Sheds Light On Pound Ridge Lamppost Project

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Landscape architect Louis Fusco presents the Green Streets Project at the Pound Ridge Library.
Landscape architect Louis Fusco presents the Green Streets Project at the Pound Ridge Library. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Terri Pike

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – It was standing-room-only as residents crowded the meeting room of the Pound Ridge Library to learn about the Scotts Corners lighting project under consideration by the Green Streets Committee.

Local landscape architect Louis Fusco, who is donating his time, has been researching energy efficient yet attractive lighting to replace the deteriorated street lamps in the business enclave.

In a presentation April 3, he showed drawings and a model of a new lamppost with LED light fixtures that focus downward, provide effective illumination and use significantly less energy than the existing lights. The new posts could accommodate the town’s traditional hanging flower baskets as well as pennants for town events. The 21 new posts would be in approximately the same locations as the current ones.

In response to a question about funding, committee member Fred Albano said funds for business district improvements are gleaned from taxes paid by the district’s business property owners. General taxes paid by residents do not qualify for this use.

To help cover the expense, the Green Streets Committee is planning fundraising events, including the raffle of a bicycle on Pound Ridge Pride Day, the raffle of a car at October’s Harvest Festival, and an Adopt-A-Street-Light incentive. General proceeds from Pound Ridge Pride Day will also be earmarked for the lighting fund.

The Committee for Green Streets is a collaboration of the Pound Ridge Business Association and the Pound Ridge Partnership. Its members include Fred Albano, James Best, Ali Boak, Wendy Cummings, Susan Grissom, Ruth Mendes, Maggie Metel and Terri Pike.

In her introduction to the evening’s program, Mendes paid tribute to the late Fred Zwick, who commissioned the original Scotts Corners Beautification Plan in the 1970s. She said, “Now, 36 years later, our Green Streets project is a continuation of Fred Zwick’s vision for an attractive and inviting Scotts Corners.”

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Comments (6)

I honestly do not want any of my taxes going to this project. It should be done exclusively with private funding if at all. My road is full of pot holes and the curbing has just crumbled after a few tough winters. I much prefer to have that fixed, and other roads and tree work maintained in town, along with the park etc. over any new project like this. Our school taxes will climb this year in PR so let's focus on true needs from a fiscal perspective.

Pound_ridger, I could not agree more. Lights from town to the park? We don't want them.

How are the business taxes currently used in our town? If they will be used to pay for some portion of the lights, what will not be paid for that usually is? I'm fairly sure that business taxes are not collected and put into a fund waiting to be used.

This project was billed as being paid for for private funds. It would be nice for the committee to respond and let is know their plan, even if we can not attend a meeting. Also, why doesn't the committee notify us when there is a meeting?

This project started with trying to slow down traffic coming into and out of Scott's Corners. Seems like it has moved way beyond safety, towards individual preference.

Don't spend our money on a project we do not need. Raise private funds and install when full cost has been raised.

Why do we need lighting from the Business District all the way to the New Canaan border? It's bad enough some of our neighbors insist on blasting our streets with 'security' lights - now the Town is going to do that?

That makes no sense at all - it's a huge waste of money and would ruin the beautiful night skies we get here in this part of Westchester.

Great start to get Scotts Corners up to the 21st century. I think we all agree that this job should be sealed bid by a minimum of 3 companies? Just to be sure tax monies are being spent fairly and we are paying a fair price for the lamps.

If it does not cost the taxpayer any money at all, GO FOR IT. This is a 'nice' idea, if paid for by private donations and business taxes ONLY - but certainly not a priority for Pound Ridge. I do have concerns that there will be request for town funds half way thru the project if/when it goes over budget. The proposal and cost estimate seem to not be buttoned down. Especially concerning since this has been discussed for many-many months now, and reported on by the Voice numerous times - and a $7000 consultant fee was paid. Get a budget that is accurate to the penny before proceeding, so that there is no chance that taxpayer funds will be requested.

Finally - why would the articles author's opening line be 'standing room only' if in fact it was not?

It was not standing room only --I was there. Half the seats were empty. Still... each person was told they had to 'reserve' a seat beforehand. The only person standing was the photographer who snapped 100 pictures. This is what I'm getting at with this group. Why the incessant positive PR on every move made? Who might this be benefiting?

What isn't discussed in this article is that this plan has multiple phases to it and that the group would like some form of lighting from the New Canaan border all the way to Pound Ridge Town Park.

Also, the Fred Albano comment is misleading. It had not yet been determined by meeting time what portion of the lighting fixtures are owned by the town as opposed to the business district. And... NYSEG owns the heads of these fixtures, so if something happens to them now, NYSEG comes and make the repairs. If these fixtures are replaced by the town, then the town will now be on the hook for repairs in the future. You would've thought the committee would have determined this breakdown before they embarked on such a project (and asked for donations) over a year ago.

If indeed general taxes for something like this (a "nice to have" not a "need to have") will never be tapped into, then it's something we can all get behind. Otherwise, proceed with caution because this will undoubtedly go over budget. The committee does not have all the large cost components ironed out yet in their estimate. And if we go beyond the business district with lighting, then general taxpayer funding is in play... which it should not be.