How Should Pound Ridge Fill Its Empty Retail Space?

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Much of the retail space surrounding Pound Ridge's Scotts Corner Market is vacant.
Much of the retail space surrounding Pound Ridge's Scotts Corner Market is vacant. Photo Credit: Katherine Pacchiana

POUND RIDGE, N.Y. – Pound Ridge’s business district, like those in many other Westchester towns, has suffered in the economic downturn. With an eye toward the future, The Pound Ridge Daily Voice asked local residents what sorts of businesses they would like to see in the empty retail spaces.

Tina August put it simply with, “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!” A number of responders agreed. It was the most popular suggestion.

Deb Graham and Elizabeth Martone both opted for a coffee shop/bookstore. As an alternative, Graham suggested a used-book store or a gourmet bakery. Elizabeth Harrington specified a gourmet coffee shop, “with healthy breakfast and lunch, similar to Marmalade on Montana Boulevard in Santa Monica.”

Steven Greenbaum would like a bagel/coffee shop. However, lifelong resident Vickey Pasalic responded that the town has already had two bagel shops “that didn’t work out.”

Food is on everyone’s mind. Deb Graham suggested an organic market with prepared food, “like the Table Market in Bedford Hills.” Jennifer Wiener added, “No disrespect to Billy’s market [the Scotts Corner Market], but a Whole Foods would be amazing and make our town a destination."

Shari Wolf responded, “I don’t know that I would want that much traffic.”

Several people would like to see another restaurant or two.

Another popular suggestion was “someplace the kids can hang out.” Kristen Hurwitz was more precise. “Something like the Katonah Art Center would be great for kids and adults,” she said. “And it would fit in with Pound Ridge’s artsy feel.”

Real estate professional Kevin Foley-Littell took a more practical point of view. Scotts Corners “is a drag on the desirability of the town in general and on property values. The efforts of the Pound Ridge Partnership is a good first step toward revitalization,” but it is not enough, he said. As an example, he offered the Scotts Corner Market building. “I love the store,” he said, “but the building looks like it should be in East Berlin before the wall came down.”

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Comments (8)

Scott's Corners could become a lovely little shopping district if the the people really cared!! It's clearly visible that they don't. All of our surrounding towns are built very lovely and beautiful. They insist that they want to keep the "character of the town"???? It looks like a junk yard!!!! I'm looking to get out of here for many reasons! If I have to drive to New Cannan or Bedford to shop then I might as well move there. All the businesses fail here because the town doesn't want "big chains"!! On a side note, the chains wont come here anyway but we would really love to see a Starbucks? Maybe?? Hopefully?? This town is going to have to upgrade their minds and ultimately have no choice but to let someone in. I would very curious as to why they won't approve chains? We have a gas station? Thats a chain? I think we should stand up and let the officials know that our children want change!!!

I would suggest taking those ugly buildings down and then starting with a new shop etc. Someplace for teens as well. The last thing we want is any big chain places...keeping it mom and pop fits Pound Ridge best.

If the idea is to bring people and activity to Scott's Corner then we should look at what would actually coordinate well with the area. Businesses come and go over time, what the area needs is an anchor. I love the suggestion of an Art Center, but I'm surprised no one has suggested relocating the library. They do a great job of organizing community events and activities that seem to be well attended. Imagine if you already planned to visit the library and then decided to grab a bite to eat with your children or friends. Besides the current library is already in need of expansion both inside the building and outside.

Scotts Corners Market is the only thing holding the center together. It is in fact the cornerstone of our town thanks to Billy Fortin. We have had a toy store, a pharmacy, a gift shop, a cheese shop, a dry cleaner. a video shop, just to mention a few... They don't survive because the rents are too high and the building is an eye sore. A covered walk and window displays on the outer side facing the parking lots might make it more attractive. People would be able to see what stores are there as they drive up; that might encourage more pedestrian traffic. Unfortunately, any business that requires water use is not possible due to septic problems.

I would like to clarify my comment. I fully support a revitalization of Scott's Corners, but believe having a a Whole Foods would overwhelm our small town. I would love to see something in place that would be fun for our local kids! --Shari Wolf

Whole Foods would be a disaster. If you choose to shop there, there are plenty accessible to PR.

The real problem lies with the landlords who refuse to ask reasonable rents or to take responsibility of the upkeep and appearances. Billy Fortin in the only thing holding it together.

I have considered opening a business in PR for several years. The economic downturn is not what has made me reluctant, but rather, the space. The Scotts Corner Market area needs to be redone. It is an eye sore and is a major problem for the town. Neighboring towns are thriving, but we won't until some investment is made and buildings are upgraded significantly.